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Long before Europeans first set foot upon this continent, people found this area hospitable. The verdant hills and plains held an abundance of resources, and the Nisenan—a branch of the Maidu Indians—established a large village on the site that would become the City of Lincoln.

With the discovery of gold, Easterners began streaming toward the Sierra Nevada, in search of their fortunes. Towns sprung up overnight, but the site of Lincoln remained unsettled until 1859.

It was Theodore D. Judah who first envisioned a new town upon this land. Judah, a young railroad engineer, surveyed the area for the Sacramento Valley Railroad and held title to the site of the planned railhead. But when funding problems temporarily halted track construction, Judah sold his property to the railroad’s president. Within weeks of his purchase, Charles Lincoln Wilson had mapped out a town site. On November 23, 1859, Wilson sold 46 lots at auction. These new landowners would lay the foundations for the City of Lincoln.

The coming of the railroad on October 31, 1861 had an immediate effect on Lincoln’s economy. People arrived from all points of the compass to transfer from stage to rail, but layovers could last for days. These ready-made customers were a boon for local hotels, restaurants and shops, but the town’s initial success was short-lived. The railroad extended its line northward and passengers moved along with it.

But Lincoln wasn’t meant to be a ghost town. Civil War veterans moved west in search of productive farmland providing the next economic wave. They planted orchards and grazed cattle upon the neighboring hills. By the late 1800s, the first of several fruit packing plants opened in Lincoln, providing employment to the town for 50 years.

The land also drew J. Parker Whitney to the area. The owner of Spring Valley Ranch—the future site of Lincoln’s Twelve Bridges master planned community—became the richest man in Placer County during the nineteenth century. Whitney was a versatile rancher involved in everything from breeding horses to growing raisins, but he’s best known for the wool produced by his flocks of Australian Merino sheep.

The discovery of coal added more jobs to the fledgling community. Though many locals had been aware of its existence for many years, several coal mines opened following the 1873 ‘discovery’ and carloads of the ore began rolling out of Lincoln to fuel furnaces in towns throughout the valley.

The greatest discovery came in 1875. Chicago resident Charles Gladding was visiting in San Francisco when a newspaper story peaked his interest. The article told of a road crew encountering a large layer of clay in the Lincoln area. With 25 years in the pottery business, Gladding needed no other enticement to travel to Placer County.

Within months, Gladding, along with partners Peter McBean and George Chambers, invested $12,000 to found Gladding, McBean & Co. For more than a century, the company would serve as the cornerstone of the community’s economy. Today, Lincoln is a growing community with a diversifying economy. New residents and industries are choosing Lincoln for its location, lifestyle and attitudes. The community is committed to preserving the best of Lincoln, from historic 1890s-style architecture to unparalleled community spirit. The future looks bright.

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  • 4,335-Unit Planned Development on 2,989 Acres Project has various entitlements including, certified EIR, Specific Plan, General Development Plan, Large and Small Lot Tentative Maps, and a Development Agreement with the City. The following home builders have homes under construction: •
  • Elliott Homes, Village 9 – Units 1, 3, & 4 229 Lots,, (916) 408-4100 • Carson Homes, Village 9 – Unit 1 area – 19 Lots,, (916) 572-6398 •
  • Standard Pacific Homes, Village 12 – 38 Lots,, (916) 543-5910 •
  • Premier United Communities, Village 19 – 24 Lots,, (916) 543-3400 • Catta Verdera @ Twelve Bridges – Five hundred and ninety-five (595) lots for development of low-density, estate residential development. Private community with custom single-family home lots on 1019 acres includes a golf course, clubhouse, and private athletic club. Villages 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, (184 Lots, 85 building permits issued for construction). SORRENTO 472-Unit Planned Development on 156 Acres The project has various entitlements including, a certified EIR, General Plan Amendment, General Development Plan, Large and Small Lot Tentative Subdivision Map, and Specific Development Plan/Development Permit. The project is bordered by the Lincoln Crossing Development to the north, south and east with Moore Road to the west. One homebuilder has received Design Review approval for development of homes within Village 1, located along Ferrari Ranch Road: Published: April 2017
  • Meritage Homes, 165 lots,, (866) 675-9383 LAKESIDE 6 706-Unit Planned Development on 105 Acres The project has various entitlements including a Mitigated Negative Declaration, General Plan Amendment, General Development Plan Amendment, re-zone of the land from Limited Light Industrial (LLI) to Residential (RD-5 and RD-20), and Tentative Subdivision mapping. One homebuilder has received Design Review approval for development of homes:
  • JMC Homes,, (916) 408-7170 CLOVER MEADOWS Planned Development of 29 Residential Units on 3.1 acres The City has approved an application for various entitlements including General Plan Amendment, Specific Development Plan/Development Permit, General Development Plan/Amendment, and a Tentative Subdivision Map for a 29-lot subdivision along East Avenue between E. Eighth Street and E. Ninth Street. The project is under construction.
  • SUMMERSET ASSISTED LIVING AND MEMORY CARE FACILITY 142,494 square foot Assisted Living and Memory Care facility The project is proposed to be constructed on 2.76 acres between Second and Third Streets, along E Street. The project is proposed to have 115 assisted living units and 72 memory care units. The project is under construction.
  • COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS IN AND OUT BURGER 3,867 Square Foot Drive-Thru Restaurant on 1.34 Acres Application for Conditional Use Permit and a Specific Development Plan. Located in the Lincoln Crossing Marketplace, at 850 Groveland Lane. Published: April 2017 **
  • PROJECTS WITH ENTITLEMENTS – NOT CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION** RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS SENIOR LIVING AT LINCOLN 162,680 square foot Assisted Living and Memory Care facility The project is proposed to be constructed on 7.13 acres at the southwest corner of East Joiner Parkway and Bella Breeze Drive. The project is proposed to have 114 assisted living units and 80 memory care units. No construction has taken place on the project. EPICK 1 & 2 80-Unit Subdivision on 20.5 Acres Application for a Tentative Subdivision map. The project site is located south of 9th Street, north of Auburn Ravine, and west of Liberty Lane within the Village 1 Specific Plan.
  • MEADOWLANDS Planned Development on 59 Acres Application for a General Plan Amendment, Rezoning, a Large Lot Tentative Map and Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map, General Development Plan Amendment, and Specific Development Plan/Permit Amendment; Previous approvals include Certification of EIR. The project consists of 187 single family lots, 5.47 acre multi-family lot, 6.60 acre park/detention lot, and a 4.5 acre open space lot. The project site is located on the North West corner of 9th Street and East Avenue.
  • MAGNOLIA VILLAGE The Magnolia Village project is located in the western part of the City along Joiner Parkway, in the development plan area known as Laehr Estates. The project is approved for the development of 32 condominiums on 2.4 acres at the northeast corner of Joiner Parkway and Third Street on property zoned Residential Development – 18 units to the acre. Published: April 2017
  • INDEPENDENCE Master-Planned Community on 194 Acres Application for a General Plan Amendment, Rezone, Tentative Vesting Subdivision Maps, Specific Development Plan/Permit and a General Development Plan. The project site is located on the former location of the City of Lincoln wastewater treatment facility. The treatment facility has since been deactivated. The project proposes to include the construction of 575 single-family residential lots, 45.6 acres of open space and preservation areas, 13.6 acres of active parks & community center, and a 2.7 acre mixed-use area, 3 acres of public facilities for a sewer lift station. The remainder 35 acre parcel will have not changes or development activity.
  • LAKSIDE 6 – PHASE 7 & 8 Rezone and 89-Unit Residential Subdivision on 11 Acres Application for a rezone from High Density Residential/RD-15 to Medium Density Residential/RD-8.5 and a Tentative Subdivision Map. The proposed development is within the Lincoln Air Center Planned Development area. The parcel is located to the north of Lincoln Airpark Drive and west of existing development and Rickenbacker Lane. (Owner: Buzz Oates Enterprises II, Applicant: Mourier Investments LLC)
  • ANNEXATIONS VILLAGE 7 Approximately 515.9 acres of land The project has various entitlements including, a certified EIR, General Plan Amendment, General Development Plan, Large Lot Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map, Specific Plan, Pre-zoning to Planned Development District. The property is located south and east of Moore Road immediately west of the Aitken Ranch and Lincoln Crossing Specific Plan areas. Published: April 2017 VILLAGE 1 Approximately 1,832 acres of land The project has various entitlements including, a certified EIR, General Plan Amendment, General Development Plan, Specific Plan. The property is located east of the Auburn Ravine and includes land on both the north and south side of State Highway 193. The following properties have received approvals for a tentative subdivision map: •
  • Epick Three – Tentative Subdivision Map for 54.9 acres and a Parcel Map for a 68.7 acre parcel located north of McBean Park Drive/SR 193, and west of Turkey Creek Golf Course. • La Bella Rosa – Tentative Subdivision Maps for a 56.3 acre property located north of McBean Park Drive/SR 193, west of Turkey Creek Golf Course, and south of Auburn Ravine. •
  • Walkup Ranch – Tentative Subdivision Maps for a 145 acre property located north of McBean Park Drive/SR 193, west of Turkey Creek Golf Course, and south of Leavell Lane. •
  • Turkey Creek Estates – Tentative Subdivision Maps for 248 acres of land located north of McBean Park Drive/SR 193 and east of Turkey Creek Golf Course. Published: April 2017 **
  • PROJECTS GOING THROUGH ENTITLEMENT REVIEW – NOT CURRENTLY APPROVED** LINCOLN MEADOWS 148-Unit Planned Development on 40 Acres Application for Annexation, Pre-zoning, General Plan Amendment, General Development Plan, Specific Development Plan/Permit and Tentative Subdivision Map. Project site is located on the north side of Virginia Town Road, west of Hungry Hollow Road.
  • HIDDEN HILLS 220-Unit Planned Development on 78 Acres Application for a Small Lot and a Large Lot Tentative Subdivision Map, and a Development Permit. The project site is within the Village 1 Specific Plan and is located at 560 Oak Tree Lane, south of Oak Tree Lane.
  • VILLAGE 5/ SPECIAL USE DISTRICT 5 Master Planned Community, 8,100 Residential Units within 4,787 Acres The planned development project is located in the western area of Placer County, immediately west of the City of Lincoln. The plan area is comprised of 141 parcels and many different landowners. The applicant, Richland Developers, Inc., owns and/or controls approximately 1,541 acres (approx. 32% of the total) within the Plan Area boundaries. The Plan Area for Village 5 has multiple land ownerships, which will likely result in portions of the Plan Area to develop separately and under different timelines, anticipated to be over a 15 to 25 year period. Village 5 requires approval of a Specific Plan and Annexation.
  • SPECIAL USE DISTRICT B – NE QUADRANT Master Planned Community The SUD B – NE Quadrant consists of 186.2 acres located immediately west of the City of Lincoln, within Placer County. The 186.2-acre project consists of residential and commercial development. Planned residential development is approximately 428 single-family units and 800,000 square feet of commercial area. The planned area will require approval of a General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan and Annexation. Published: April 2017
  • CROCKER KNOLL SUBDIVISION MAP 100 Single-Family Residential Subdivision on 26 Acres Application for a Tentative Subdivision Map and General Development Plan Amendment. The project is located on the southerly terminus of Oak Tree Lane, in the Twelve Bridges Specific Plan Area ‘C’. The project site is bordered on the north by St. Joseph’s Church; on the east by the City limit line, the Placer County Corporation Yard, and Placer County; on the south by Open Space (within the Sun City development area); and, on the west by existing single family residential (Village 41B, Sun City development area). The property is undeveloped, but at one point in the past housed the Del Webb contractor’s yard. There are no existing improvements on the property.
  • JOINER RANCH Rezone and 194-Unit Residential Subdivision There are two applications for the Joiner Ranch: Joiner Ranch West is comprised of a General Plan Amendment from BP – Business Professional and CC – Community Commercial to MDR – Medium Density Residential, and a Rezone from BP – Business Professional and C – Commercial to PD-MDR – Planned Development-Medium Density Residential. No mapping is proposed at this time. Joiner Ranch East is comprised of a General Plan Amendment from CC – Community Commercial and MDR – Medium Density Residential to MDR – Medium Density Residential, and a Rezone from G-C – General Commercial and RD-8 – Residential Development with up to 8 units to the acre to PD – MDR – Planned Development – Medium Density Residential. The application includes Tentative Subdivision Map to create 194 medium density lots with a minimum size of 2,940 square feet. The project is located at the intersection of Nicolaus Road and Joiner Parkway – on the east and west sides of Joiner Parkway
  • ST. JOSEPHS CHURCH Application for a Specific Development Plan/Development Permit for the construction of a 17,775 square foot ‘Family Center’ to include a gym, meeting rooms, kitchen, and storage. Published: April 2017
  • FULLERTON RANCH Application for a re-zone from RE (Residential Estates) to PD-LDR (Planned DevelopmentLow Density Residential), a Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map to subdivide 19.98 acres into 82 single-family lots, and a General Development Plan, and a for a vacant site located south of Nicolaus Road between the Glenmoor subdivision (to the west), and Brookview Unit 5 subdivision (to the east). A Mitigated Negative Declaration will be processed in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
  • CRESLEIGH GROVE MODELS Applicant is seeking a Tentative Subdivision Map to develop four model home lots south of Virginiatown Road near the Lincoln Highlands Subdivision. The site will serve as a model complex for a future Cresleigh Homes subdivision located north of the project site. The application is located within the Village 1 Specific Plan and project entitlements include approval of the Tentative Subdivision Map and Development Agreement.
  • LINCOLN CROSSING EXPANSION The applicant is seeking to modify previously approved Conditional Use Permit, Design Review and Specific Development Plan/Permit to allow for the expansion of the existing Club Lincoln private HOA clubhouse and recreational center. The existing development consists of a 12,486 square foot clubhouse, an outdoor pool, and a 1280 square foot cabana. The application is currently working on budget issues and a redesign of the expansion to address access and fire department (safety) concerns.
  • DEER CROSSING The applicant is seeking a Conditional Use Permit and Specific Development Plan/Permit (Design Review) approval to development a currently vacant 3.6 acres parcel with a multiple tenant commercial development consisting of a 3,900 square-foot six-pump gasoline service station with a 3,400 square-foot pump island canopy and a 1,056 square-foot carwash, a speculative 2,870 square-foot commercial building with a drive-through, and two speculative multiple-tenant retail buildings totaling 14,803 square-feet. The project is on hold per the applicant pending resolution of access issues related to the future Village 1 Oak Tree Lane/Hwy 193 improvements.

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For immediate assistance, contact the City’s Public Information Office:

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    The proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study is available for review. A 30-day public review period is being conducted May 12 – June 14.

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    BIG NEWS for all you local artists. Want to add your artistic mark to Lincoln? Act now!

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    The weather is heating up & summer is almost upon us. Please keep in mind the water guidelines as you turn your irrigation systems back on.

    05/02/2017 10:09 AM




    Join the Lincoln Public Library this summer as we Read by Design, a celebration of reading and creativity!

    05/15/2017 2:11 PM




    The 2016 General Plan Annual Progress Report was approved at the April 11, 2017 City Council meeting and is now available for review.

    04/17/2017 3:30 PM




    All public safety agencies in Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo counties have partnered to have a state of the art community notification system to alert residents about emergency events and other important public safety information.





    Aitken Ranch Park Phase 1B work currently underway.

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